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Canister – 10L / Eurocube – 1000L
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Benefits of using

Regulates the process of production of auxins

Stimulates production of tryptophan

Improves the qualitative and quantitative indicators of yield

Increases the properties of thermoprotector

Calculation Calculator

Fertilizer for preventive and curative control of zinc deficiency.



    Application scheme

    Crop Consumption rate
    Treatment frequency Phases of use Action
    Corn 1 l/ha 1 handling 3-5 pairs of leaves increases grain yield and protein contentmore
    Other crops 1 l/ha 1 handling growth of leaves and stems compensates for zinc deficiency, improves quality and yieldsmore
    * The dosage, method of application and number of treatments are determined by the individual program.

    About the manufacturer

    Development, production, implementation of innovative organochelate fertilizers in liquid form.

    We also recommend

    Order an individual calculation. Our agronomist will make a detailed calculation for your field, culture, region.

      Preparation of the working solution

      Shake the canister for at least 20 seconds

      Fill the tank of the sprayer (etching machine) with clean water up to half

      To do compatibility test with plant protection products

      Make O-RISE preparations according to the treatment program

      Make a plant protection products (according to the manufacturer's recommendations)

      Fill the tank of the sprayer (etching machine) to full

      Attention! Before use, it is recommended to prepare a mother solution to check the compatibility of drugs.